Hawa Palace, or “Palace of the Winds”

A Semester in India: Jaipur

JAIPUR, Rajasthan— After a short 45 minute flight, our bus driver and his assistant from Delhi met us at the Jaipur airport. The desert landscape — short shrubs, rocky terrain, dry and dusty soil — became visible as we ventured to Sanganer, a village close to Jaipur.

Pulp to Paper. Photo: Fellow Traveler.
Jal Mahal
A Jaipur bazaar
Amer Fort
Left: Jaigarh Fort in the distance. Center: Elephants hauling tourists to the top; we walked the 15 minutes to the top instead. Right: Amer Fort courtyard. Notice the wall towers on the hilltops in the distance.

Three rules for crossing an Indian street: (1) move as a group, (2) move slowly, and (3) hold your hands outstretched towards oncoming traffic.

Our tour group was then split into groups of four and sent across the city for a home-hosted dinner with a local family. The home that we visited included two grandparents, their two sons, two wives, and two children. As is common with arranged marriages, the wives of this home moved in with the husband’s family. At dinner, our tour group and the males of the house ate first, and then the women waited to eat until we left. The family was incredibly welcoming, and the Rajasthani food was delicious.

The Maharaja’s quarters from the City Palace courtyard. The majority of the palace is now a hotel.

Georgetown University student. I lived in India from December 2018 to April 2019. As it has done to so many others, India stole my heart.

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